Maddiston street name to change due to mail delivery confusion

Residents in Orchard Grove in Maddiston have experienced problems with mail deliveries
Residents in Orchard Grove in Maddiston have experienced problems with mail deliveries

A street name looks set to be changed by the council because mail for residents living there is going to another village.

Orchard Grove in Maddiston could be changed to Apple Blossom Grove due to postal mix-ups with Orchard Grove in Polmont just a few miles away.

Falkirk Council say there is confusion because the postcodes of the streets are similar – FK2 0BH in Maddiston and FK2 0XE in Polmont.

And it’s not just delivery people who are getting confused, when residents book taxis for their Maddiston address, they are often left waiting for long spells and have to call taxi firms when the cabs go to the Polmont street.

Those who live in the Maddiston are welcoming the change to stop the mix-ups, but are unsure over the new name.

One resident said: “We have had problems with mail not being delivered so it has been an issue.

“I’ve had problems when phoning taxis too because they go to Polmont instead of here meaning we have to wait longer and direct them here so it’s probably not a bad thing the street name will be changed. I’m not too sure about Apple Blossom Grove though.”

Jacquelene McDevitt of Maddiston Community Council said: “Residents have complained that there is an Orchard Grove in Polmont and it leads to delivery confusion. It has however been called Orchard Grove for 15 years or more without a problem.”

The council say it is not unusual have multiple use of the same street name in different communities.

A spokesperson said: “In this case a resident of Orchard Grove in Polmont contacted us with concerns about mail not being delivered and general confusion as the postcode was also very similar.

“Public consultation closes this week on the new name of Apple Blossom Grove.”