Maddiston residents object to wind turbine plan

Maddiston residents say planning rules need to change
Maddiston residents say planning rules need to change
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Residents in the Braes say people will wake up to wind turbines “in their back gardens” if planning regulations aren’t changed.

People living near a proposed site to the south west of Polmont golf club are angry they were not notified about a plan to build a 50-metre high, 50kw wind turbine on land owned by applicant Robbie Taylor.

Planning laws state only people living within 20 metres of a planned turbine are notified. Households neighbouring the Maddiston site say the boundary is not enough.

Resident Ewen Cameron said: “The rules on notifying neighbours just 20 metres from a planned wind turbine are just ridiculous. How many people will live within 20 metres, that’s the problem?

“People here only found out through word of mouth and we’re only a few hundred metres away. If we hadn’t we wouldn’t have known about it until it was being built if the plans get approved. These silly regulations mean people could wake up to a wind turbine virtually in their back garden.”

Falkirk Council has received around 50 objections to the wind turbine and said the application was advertised in the local press and on its website in line with national guidelines. The council has also asked the Scottish Government to consider increasing the neighbour notification distance.

The Scottish Government said it has no plans to amend neighbour notification, but it is considering issues raised in a separate petition related to distances.

Weekly planning lists must be available in planning offices and libraries and sent to community councils. Planning authorities are also required to publish details of applications on websites.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The intention is to balance providing appropriate opportunities to comment on applications and the burdens on planning authorities and applicants.”