Maddiston campaign for life-savers gets vital support

Norrie Brown, left, has thanked the community for its support for a defibrillator. Picture: Michael Gillen
Norrie Brown, left, has thanked the community for its support for a defibrillator. Picture: Michael Gillen

A campaign to have a lifesaving device placed in the heart of a community has received so much support there are now plans for more than one.

Lifeguard Norrie Brown (57) and first aid instructor Victoria O’Neill (39), who is also a First Responder, started a drive last year to have a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) installed at Maddiston’s police station to increase the chances of someone who has suffered a heart attack surviving.

Following a heart attack or cardiac arrest, every minute without cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation reduces survival by ten per cent.

Due to its success and support from the Braes community, over £1000 has been raised so far which could buy two defibs as the British Heart Foundation provides the rest of the cost over £400. There’s also pledges of more money and support to fund even more.

The latest fundraising effort came from Maddiston Primary Parents Association volunteers who collected £1200 round the doors on its Santa sleigh in December – £600 of which was donated to the defib campaign.

Norrie said: “This is a phenomenal project that has really gripped the village with a massive thank you to the parents association for the amazing donation.

“If the project keeps going as it is, we could have as many as four defibrillators for Maddiston. Other locations being considered are Polmont Golf Club, who have been brilliant too, and one in the phone box, which would cost the community £1 to buy, near the pharmacy.

“I’ve to meet with Forth Valley health board about support from them, the fire service has pledged £200, Forth Valley College has given us £150 and free first aid training and we might even go into the local school to train the children on lifesaving, which would be groundbreaking.”

The UK Resuscitation Council suggests that a defibrillator device should be available wherever emergency help is more than five minutes away and every second counts in life or death situations.

The group also has to raise money for cabinets for the defibrillators which can cost up to £900.

To get involved or donate to the campaign, check out Maddiston Community Defib Project on Facebook.


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