Louisa selects the flavours '¨of Falkirk

A competition was run by The Falkirk Wheel to find the flavour of Falkirk and the winning entry is a tasty trip down memory lane.

Saturday, 3rd September 2016, 8:00 am
Michael helping Louisa create her chocolate which she has named a Falkirk Fancy. Picture: Michael Gillen

This year Scotland is celebrating all innovation, architecture and design and one event being held in Stirling next week is a delicious example of all three.

Cake-fest is looking for bakers to create the top 100 buildings in the country out of cake and The Falkirk Wheel has made the list.

However before they build the famous landmark, The Wheel had to decide what type of chocolate would be used.

It ran a competition through its Facebook page asking the public what the flavour of Falkirk should be.

The winning entry came from Bonnybridge resident Louisa Liddell and her ingredients were Irn-Bru, Highland Toffee and whisky!

She said: “My parents would only drink whisky with Irn-Bru and, when I occasionally have one, it has to be the same way.

“There is also the historic links the three ingredients have with the town.”

The nurse was invited to Maley’s artisan chocolate shop in Falkirk where she got to make the chocolate as well as taste plenty of the samples.

Michael Maley, who owns the shop, was on hand to make sure the taste was just right.

The finishing product which will be used for the edible Falkirk Wheel is a chocolate with a whisky ganache and whisky caramel filling with an Irn-bru and toffee coating.

With the flavour decided on, Michael will whip up around 10kg of the chocolate and will help Falkirk Wheel staff create the iconic attraction.

It will then be transported to Cowane’s Hospital in Stirling next Sunday to be part of an incredible cake map of Scotland.