Lorry ban on Grangemouth road is not legal

Beancross Road had an invalid weight restriction placed on it last year
Beancross Road had an invalid weight restriction placed on it last year

A typing error by red-faced council officials means a ban on HGVs using a busy road can’t be enforced.

Now fines already imposed on those flouting the ban may have to be refunded, costing more than £5000.

The weight restriction order was put in place on Grangemouth’s 
A905 Beancross Road last September.

It ruled that vehicles over 7.5 tonnes could not travel on the stretch of road from Beancross roundabout at Newlands Road to the Earls Gate Park roundabout at weekends or between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. on weekdays.

Police have spent the last year enforcing the rule, resulting in 178 drivers being fined for breaking the restrictions.

However, after discovering the original Falkirk Council order did not refer to the A905 Beancross Road, but listed it as the A904, the police realised they could no longer legally enforce the ban until the mistake was rectified.

A police spokeswoman said: “The error came to light last month after a review was carried out of the experimental weight limit order.

‘‘Work is ongoing with Falkirk Council to review the legislation and with the Scottish Court Service to have any fines reimbursed.”

The typing error means any motorists who were stopped and fined could have the right to claim any penalties they were issued with were illegal. The fines, which are paid to the Scottish courts, eventually end up with the Government - which could now be forced to hand the money back to drivers.

Councillor Robert Spears said: “A lot of officers’ time has been spent policing the situation. Now everyone that has been fined will have to get paid back. I think Falkirk Council needs to redouble its efforts to make sure that, when it is doing up an order like this, it does it right.”

Greg Pender, Falkirk Council’s engineering design manager, said: “A new order has been promoted and will be enforceable in the near future.”

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