Lorna pens a poignant Lament for Falkirk Bus Station

The town's bus station has been described by Falkirk historian and Falkirk Herald columnist Ian Scott as 'an embarrassment' as well as 'unloved, unwelcoming and obviously rundown'.

Sunday, 19th August 2018, 3:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 19th August 2018, 4:59 pm

But rumours throughout the summer that it is set for closure have dismayed reader Lorna Johnston, who says she has used it all her life and that she has a lot of memories (presumably good ones) associated with it.

The worst - from her point of view - may never happen, but just in case it ever does she has written a heartfelt poem bemoaning its theoretic demise.

If the Callendar Road fixture does shut and “move” to Newmarket Street, as some suggest could happen, will it be good or bad news for the East End?

Lorna Johnston.

And is the arguably unattractive present bus station as “maukit” and “dingy” as Lorna suggests?

Here’s her take on what is either a rough diamond of Falkirk’s townscape or a monstrous carbuncle - depending on your point of view.

Doomsday for the Bus Station

Well, soon it will

Reach its demise

It cannie be

I hear the cries.

Frae Fawkirk folk

An’ elsewhere tae

Whatever are we

Gaun tae dae.

We moaned, bemoaned

This hellish place

Bit noo it’s goin’

There’ll be nae trace.

O’ buses comin’

Oot the front

Or ony whaur

Familiar dunts.

O’ wheels an’ tyres

Gaun ower the road

An’ comin’ doon

Wi’ mony a load.

O’ passengers

Whaw braved yon place

Yon maukit, dingy

Bus station base.

Bit noo we’re jist

Expected tae

Fill the pavements

No’ hae oor say.

Well ah kin tell ye

There’s bin folk


Rumours runnin’ amok.

Bit noo it’s goin’

An’ we’ve nae say

The Fawkirk Bus Stations

Had its day.

Cause profit is

A dirty word

An’ wi’ mair effort

No’ sae absurd.

Tae think If progress

Here wis made

Improvements done

Equals great upgrade.

Into a veritable

Profitable bliss

A place tae pass thru

No’ tae be missed.

Bit then it wid have

Tae bin bought

By First Bus Company

Bit that plan was shot.

Noo ithers hae

Their ain ideas

Development overhaul

Very clear.

So soon the station is nae mair

An’ we are only left

Wi’ memories, gaun back mony years

Feelin’ bereft.

Anither nail in Fawkirks coffin

Whits next tae hit the dust

Ma earnest, heartfelt plea is this

Please nae mair nails tae rust.

Jist sparkly, shiny, visionary dreams

Tae build oan really soon

Fur awe the folk tae come intae

A thrivin’ bustlin’ toon.