Lone woman cyclist from Plean is mugged in Brazil

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A well-known woman cyclist from Plean has been mugged and robbed of valuable camera gear during a solo journey through Brazil.

Isabel Taromsari (36) - pictured here at an event in Falkirk’s Callendar Park - was attacked shortly after arriving in Ancieta in Espirito Santo on Brazil’s east coast.

She had just begun a new leg of an ambitious bid to cycle across South America, as part of a world cycle slog which has already included 16 different countries.

She wasn’t injured during the robbery, but has said she’s been left anxious and nervous by her ordeal - although it’s understood she aims to resume her 4,500km cycle across Brazil after spending some time to recuperate.

Since she travels alone and relies on passers-by for directions she has had various lucky escapes from danger in the past.

Of half-Iranian and half-Scottish descent she is a former member of an Iranian national cycle squad, and among her achievements is her 2015 win in a Velodrome contest in London.

She is a women’s rights activist whose exploits have generated publicity across the world, and also supports animal rights and environmental causes.

Earlier this month she stopped by at a charity for rescuing street dogs in Brazil, where she gave freely of her help.

A spokesman said on social media: “We had a great time with her and did a lot of work. She is an amazing lady.

“A huge thanks to her for all she did and will do in the future to help promote us and spread the word.”

She now aims to retrace her steps to the last place where she felt safe, before resuming her journey towards Ecuador and Chile.