Local opposition to proposed Braes housing

Road safety, school and medical centre capacities, and flooding risks are just some of the concerns residents in the Braes have over plans to build 114 new houses in the area.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st February 2018, 11:55 am
Updated Thursday, 1st February 2018, 12:01 pm
Gladman Developments Ltd are looking for planning permission in principle to build 114 houses on land off Standrigg Road.  Picture: Michael Gillen.
Gladman Developments Ltd are looking for planning permission in principle to build 114 houses on land off Standrigg Road. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Councillors heard the views of locals at a pre-determination hearing for Gladman Development Ltd’s plans to build on land off Standrigg Road, Brightons in Wallacestone Primary School on Tuesday evening.

The developer has lodged an application for planning permission in principle for the site.

A pre-determination hearing was required as this is a major development that is significantly contrary to the Local Development Plan, which has the area marked as a greenfield site.

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Speaking at the hearing, Simon Dean from Gladman Developments highlighted the benefits which he sees for Falkirk Council from the proposals, including provision of more housing, increased local spending and increased council tax.

He said: “One big issue that came out of the consultation was the lack of footway along Sunnyside Road and its junction with Maddiston Road.

“We have been working with the council and we’re in a position where we’re willing to pay for the footway improvements and to contribute to the cost of the junction improvements. These are the real benefits that we see for the existing community.”

Numerous members of the public who were objecting to the proposals spoke out about their concerns at the hearing.

Councillors heard some local schools and facilities, such as health centres, are already at breaking point with most medical practices currently not taking on patients.

Concerns were raised over the lack of footpath on Sunnyside Road, but residents questioned whether by creating a pathway there if this will result in the road itself, which is already narrow in places, becoming even narrower.

Fears were also expressed that if the planning application was approved, it would set a precedent and could make it easier for developers currently seeking permission in principle to build approximately 240 houses at another site on Standrigg Road, which is also a greenfield site.

Stephen Sutton, a director of Westquarter and Redding Cricket Club, which is adjacent to the site, said: “There is a signifant flood risk. It floods now and will continue to flood. There will be a lot more tarmac with a housing development which will stop drainage. The drainage network will bring all the sites drainage to the edge of the cricket club.

“We’re already out trying to fix the flooding that is already there so adding this development will just make it ten times worse.”

He also said club members had concerns over people opting to use the ground as a cut through if there is not a sufficient link into a path network and also over safety as the playground will be next to the grounds without secure fencing.

A report will now go before the full council for a decision to be made. It is anticipated the application will go to the council meeting on March 7.