Local boss charged over Maddiston man’s roof fall death

Scott Harrower died in January 2014 after falling from a roof at a building site
Scott Harrower died in January 2014 after falling from a roof at a building site

A building firm boss is facing charges of negligence following workplace falls which killed one Falkirk man and left another badly injured.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed Allan Thomson (51), Woodburn Crescent, Falkirk, and his company Building and Dismantling Contractors Ltd will be prosecuted for gross negligence, manslaughter and breaching Health and Safety at Work regulations in connection with the incident last year which resulted in the death of Scott Harrower, of Maddiston.

Michael Smith ((51) and his Rochdale firm C Smith and Sons Ltd have also been charged with breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Scott died on January 22, 2014, after sustaining serious head injuries a day earlier when he plunged 25 feet to the ground at a building site in Stockport.

The 42-year-old father of two was the second workman injured that day. Just hours earlier a 45-year-old, also from the Falkirk area, was seriously hurt after falling from the same roof.

Justin Harrower (20), Scott’s son, said: “We’re not surprised it has taken a year to get to this stage, but we did think we would get answers a bit quicker. Police have been getting in touch with us back and forward keeping us informed about court dates.”

The family hopes the court case will bring a sense of closure over Scott’s untimely death.

Justin said: “We’ll never forget what happened, but time goes on and it does get easier to live with.”

The next court appearance is on March 10 at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.