Litter louts are ruining beauty spot

Litter is widespread
Litter is widespread
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A group that has worked tirelessly to transform a beauty spot say inconsiderate litter louts are spoiling the area for everyone.

Amanda Cameron of the Westquarter Wildlife Group said litter is still a major problem in the Braes village’s glen despite a massive investment to clean it up for community use.

Grants and other investment have allowed around £180,000 to be spent on the regeneration of Westquarter Glen to make it more accessible for the likes of families, dog walkers and nature lovers to enjoy after years of neglect.

The volunteer-led wildlife group, which has been at the forefront of the improvements, has organised numerous outdoor events in and around the glen, but litter of all sorts, including double glazed windows, is continuing to plague the area.

Ms Cameron said: “On a recent litter pick we filled 12 big rubbish bags, which is absolutely ridiculous. We even found double glazed windows.

“Our members are finding litter, rubbish and fly tipping at the glen all the time and it’s getting to the stage where we’re wondering if it is worth the effort to keep cleaning up if people just don’t care. It’s ruining things for everyone and it’s a real shame because the glen is so beautiful.”

Litter is one of the top three problems people complain to Falkirk Council about and it has a special litter team to tackle the problem with fines if required.

Councillor Jim Blackwood, spokesperson for public protection, said: “Everyone has a part to play and we put a major effort into litter prevention as well as prosecution where necessary.

“There is no excuse for litter, take it home and recycle is the message we want to get across and we urge everyone to do their part in making and keeping the Falkirk area a cleaner place.”