Limerigg schooldays revisited

Limerigg pupils investigate the past
Limerigg pupils investigate the past

Decades of school memories were revived when Lime-rigg Primary celebrated its 135th anniversary.

The school opened in 1876 and is still in the original building, although it has been extensively refurbished to meet the demands of modern education.

Pictures from throughout its history were displayed at a exhibition to mark the anniversary and head teacher Lynne Vint described it as ‘‘a tremendous success’’.

‘‘Pupils old and new visited the event and shared stories of their time here,’’ she said.

‘‘It was a great effort by everyone involved.”

Copies of old pictures and information held by parent council member Margaret Buchanan were spread out on every wall in the school’s main hall for the community to view.

As well as photos of past classes and pupils, there were other items of interest, including an advertise-ments for teachers which appeared in The Scotsman in 1914.

The school also had its own photo albums on the history of the school on display and £330 was raised for school funds through a barbeque, raffle and teas.

Ms Buchanan, a former teacher herself, said: “It went very well and there were more people there than expected.

‘‘My family is born and bred in Limerigg and goes back through many generations who attended the school, although we weren’t quite in with the bricks.

“My brother Alex collected photos relating to the school, and Limerigg itself for many years so I copied them for the exhibition.

“I’d really like to thank everyone for coming along and hope they enjoyed it.

‘‘A special thanks must go to my brother’s wife, Ray, the parent council and staff.”