Levitating boy shocks shoppers in Falkirk

Shoppers look on in amazement at Lauchlan, the floating statue
Shoppers look on in amazement at Lauchlan, the floating statue

Shoppers in the Howgate couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what appeared to be an old man floating in mid-air.

The statue-like figure was 
actually ten-year-old 
Lauchlan Muir, who was raising money for Children in Need.

He managed to raise an incredible £3500 for the BBC’s annual appeal.

Lauchlan said: “People are very generous when it comes to Children in Need.”

While on holiday with his family in London, Lauchlan saw his first floating statue and immediately fell in love with the illusion.

So much so that he decided to pull off a similar stunt for his own fundraising.

For the past five years Lauchlan has raised money for Children in Need by touring shopping centres across central Scotland and his show has been getting bigger and better.

This year nine shopping centres were left amazed by Lauchlan’s levitating.

Proud dad John Muir said: “For years he has tricked people as a floating statue, however, this time he combined floating and standing, to give the audience something different.”

The public always want to know how it works, however Lauchlan won’t give away his secrets.

The Bo’ness Public School pupil said: “I’m not going to say, it would take away all the mystery and amazement out of the stunt.”

The show involves Lauchlan sitting still for three hours while having passers by gawk and gasp at him.

The youngster said: “When it comes to keeping still for so long I just think about how the money will help children. Sometimes if people are staring at me I’ll move my leg or arm and they’ll get a wee fright.”

Lauchlan’s fundraising has increased each year from £630 in 2011 to a whopping £3500 – and next year he hopes to continue this trend by visiting even more shopping centres.