Legal highs pose threat in Falkirk

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Town’s festive revellers have been warned to stay safe.

The risks from so-called ‘legal highs’ are being hammered home by police and health chiefs as the district gears up for one of its busiest weekends of the year.

Partygoers and clubbers are being strongly advised to steer clear as such substances are unreliable and unpredictable.

A warning also came that psychoactive substances which have been circulating throughout Forth Valley in recent months, mainly on the club scene, have already been responsible for several deaths elsewhere.

Dr Henry Prempeh, NHS Forth Valley’s public health medicine consultant, said: “The content of these substances is quite variable. Users need to be aware of the dangers and understand the potentially devastating effect they can have on their health.”

He added that symptoms include increased heart rate, raised body temperature and seizures.

Superintendent Gary Lawrie, Falkirk Area Commander, said: “Although people buy these products and powders believing they are getting a ‘legal high’, they are in many cases buying substances that are far from legal.

‘‘We take this extremely seriously.”