‘Legal high’ threat mum in the clear

Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court
Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court

A Camelon mother who threatened the manager of shop where a youngster bought “legal highs” received no punishment from the courts.

Grace Bell (47) found the 16-year-old girl turning blue and not breathing outside her house and helped to save the teenager’s life.

After learning the youngster had purchased at Monster Vapours in Grangemouth Road, Falkirk, Grace phoned up the shop and gave the manager an earful with threats she was so upset and shaken by the condition of the girl.

Monster Vapours denied selling any such substances at the time of the incident and Grace was shocked when police charged her with threatening behaviour under the Communications Act and detained her.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Grace was given an absolute discharge after a five-minute hearing in front of the sheriff.

The worry of the court appearance had been hanging over her since May last year when the incident happened.

At that time The Falkirk Herald had carried an article about Falkirk man Jamie Donnelly (25) who reportedly died after taking so called “legal highs”, or New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) as they are also known.

The incident with the young girl happened just a week after Jamie’s tragic death.

Grace’s friends and neighbours clubbed together to create a “fighting fund” for her in case she was given a fine by the courts as punishment.

The court’s decision means grace will have no trace of the incident on her record.

An absolute discharge means there is a finding of guilt, but no conviction is registered.

The relieved mum said “a weight has been lifted from my mind”.