Legacy poem is heading Down Under for contest

Eleanor Rennie.
Eleanor Rennie.

Falkirk Inner Wheel has a high profile showing at the organisation’s international conference in Melbourne in April - and a poetry entry.

The British and Irish wing of the worldwide women’s organisation launched a poetry competition to reflect on the ways Inner Wheel has left a legacy through it work, and Falkirk secretary Eleanor Rennie is delighted her poem is representing both countries in Australia.

It will be more than 100 other entries from all over the world, and seen by around 15,300 members in Great Britain and ireland alone - worlwide Inner Wheel has no less than 100,000 members and 3,895 clubs.

Eleanor’s poem appears below -

Leave A Lasting Legacy

“Water , water everywhere

Nor any drop to drink”

These words seem like a paradox

They make us stop and think.

We take it so for granted.

We use it without thought

But what of those less fortunate

Where water can’t be got?

None to wash your hands with

No modern sanitation.

A human right we all deserve

From nation unto nation.

Then Toilet Twinning came to mind

As something we could do

By raising funds and giving aid

To those without a loo!

So let’s remember all of those

Who live, but might have died,

Because their sanitation needs

Have now been satisfied

If we can help through what we give,

Then there will be, we feel

A long and lasting legacy

Left by The Inner Wheel.