Lawyer-author's son is set for career in blood cancer research

Falkirk lawyer and author William McIntyre is delighted his son Andrew is getting set for a career in blood cancer research, after graduating with a Bsc(Hons) in Immunology at Edinburgh University.

In particular he will be carrying out research into the crucial area of stem cell treatment for types of blood cancer.

Andrew has taken up a post at the Cancer Institute at the Royal Free Hospital in London (affiliated to University College London), where he will be working towards a Phd in the laboratory of Professor Ronjon Chakraverty.

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Although most students prefer to study for a masters degree before embarking on Phd work, Andrew was advised to skip this stage. There were many others interested in the post at UCL, but the letter accepting Andrew to the role stated that his obvious enthusiasm was the deciding factor.

William McIntyre said: “My wife and I are very proud of Andrew.

“It has long been his wish to make a difference in this field of cancer research and he has worked hard to get where he is. “He’s an extremely determined and driven individual, and although we and his three brothers are going to miss his happy face about the place, we know that he’s going to be working at something he enjoys - and hope the result of his endeavours will be to the benefit of many others in due course”.