Latest state of play on Falkirk's snow-clogged roads

Falkirk Council has been concentrating on clearing 'large and lengthy' snowdrifts, and priority footways, but has been hampered by the number of abandoned vehicles.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 2:58 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 4:02 pm

Even with the help of vehicles fitted with snowploughs from external contractors the authority says it isn’t possible to deal with lesser residential roads and minor roads - and some won’t be tackled until early next week.

Spelling out the scale of the task, a spokesperson said: “There are still many strategic roads that are not clear of snow and communities that are cut off”.

Here is a list of roads currently causing problems (as of 3.30pm) -

A905 Bothkennar junction to Glensburgh is now clear however, A905 Bothkennar junction to South Bellsdyke Roundabout is not passable. There is a mechanical excavator working here at this time.

A905 north of Airth to Council boundary. Snow drifts are being cleared by 2 mechanical excavators.

Abandoned vehicles are being negotiated around and making work difficult for the contractors working there.

B818 Fankerton to Water Treatment Works – a mechanical excavator has been working here all day and the road is now passable by traffic.

B803 Falkirk to Slamannan – road not passable from Falkirk to Darnrigg Road junction.

B825 Limerigg to Slamannan remains impassable – JCB has been working to clear snow but further work is required

B8022 Avonbridge to Slamannan road remains impassable – JCB has been working to clear snow but further work is required.

Standrigg Road (California to Maddiston) - not passable due to drifting snow.

8028 Shieldhill to California Road is just passable. An abandoned vehicle and drifting snow is making passage very difficult. Mechanical excavator should be on site by 3:30pm.

Avon Gorge clear, however there is some drifting between Bowhouse Rbt and Gorge itself.

Whitecross to A803 – drifting snow is causing some problems.

Polmonthill near ski slope – road not passable – too dangerous for a gritter to attend alone – awaiting mechanical excavator.

Champany to Blackness – conditions very poor due to drifting. A local farmer is assisting in snow clearance work.

Drove Loan, Denny – road closed due to drifting snow.

Mill Road/Roughlands, Carronshore – road closed due to drifting snow.

Many routes have only one lane clear and vehicles cannot pass each other.

Priority footpath treatment started at 5am and will finish at 4pm, with further treatment starting from tomorrow morning at 5am.