Latest Ineos flare-up sparks more complaints

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) this week received complaints about the latest in a string of recent flaring incidents at INEOS in Grangemouth.

Saturday, 29th June 2019, 12:35 pm
Ineos in Grangemouth has been dogged by flaring incidents over recent weeks.

SEPA received notification of “unplanned flaring” by INEOS Chemicals at 11.44pm on Thursday, and INEOS said this was due to a system upset at the site, and that elevated flaring had stopped by 12.45am on Friday.

SEPA says it is currently in contact with INEOS Chemicals “to understand the cause of the flaring”.

Recent flare-ups at Ineos sites in Grangemouth have seen black clouds of fumes drifting across the town, in incidents which appear to have taken most of a day or overnight to correct.

However the latest problem may have been brought under control relatively quickly.

A fortnight ago SEPA received a “significant” number of complaints about a “rotten eggs” smell from an Ineos plant in Grangemouth.

A SEPA team visited the area and found the most like source of the smell, and attendant noise, was the Petroineos refinery.

They were told the odours were due to an issue with the sulphur units, and advised the firm to update the community as possible.