Last chance to catch Grangemouth photo exhibition

A Grangemouth photographic exhibition showcasing the visual impact, drama and power of Scotland as an industrial nation has just a week left to run.

Saturday, 4th January 2020, 5:20 pm

Called Industry + Aesthetics the display at the York Arcade shopping centre features photographs chosen by a crowd-sourcing exercise which invited participants to decide which words, feelings and emotions were conjured up by each image.

The pictures are drawn from survey photography of industrial sites which forms part of the National Record of the Historic Environment, which is maintained by Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

Miriam McDonald, Industrial Survey and Record Projects Manager at HES, and curator of the exhibition, said: “The purpose of this exhibition is very much to capture those first emotions that grab us all when we look at an industry for the first time”.

“Within the images on display you can sense excitement, sadness, awe, poignancy, pride and danger. As part of my job I have the privilege of visiting and researching the extent of our industrial nation, and Industry + Aesthetics is very much a celebration of this heritage.”

Industry + Aesthetics is available to view (free) from Tuesday to Thursday, and on Saturday next week.