Larbert’s tablet-flavoured popcorn enters the food hall of fame

Larbert sweet treat enterprise Mrs Tilly’s is even more popular than before ... and not just because most of us eat more goodies at this time of year.

Tablet-flavoured popcorn - made in Larbert by Mrs Tilly's.
Tablet-flavoured popcorn - made in Larbert by Mrs Tilly's.

We’ve invented the telephone, the television, discovered penicillin and developed many other world-changing inventions besides - and to that lengthy list must now be added the world’s first tablet-flavoured popcorn.

Mrs Tilly’s made this breakthrough in confectionery delight during 2019, and by now it is probably flying off the shelves.

The family confectionery business is one of 22 Scottish companies said to have benefited from supermarket giant Asda’s Supplier Development Academy – a bespoke training programme which aims to boost trading potential.

The company also participated in a tasting event in Asda’s Jewel store to celebrate the completion of the Academy and to mark St Andrew’s Day.

Sales of locally produced food and drink in Asda’s Scottish stores has grown by 5 per cent year on year, which is being taken as proof that proving that shoppers are actively supporting Scotland’s agri-food industry.

This growth is claimed to be an outcome of the Academy, which is delivered in partnership with Scotland Food & Drink and funded by the Scottish Government.

Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy Fergus Ewing visited Asda’s flagship Edinburgh Jewel store today to celebrate the completion of the Academy, and was joined by James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink.

He said: “The commercial success of locally produced food in Asda’s Scottish stores demonstrates how important it is to support Scotland’s food and drink businesses to reach their full potential”.