Larbert slimmers lose weight and gain friends

Slimming World class leader Libby Taylor
Slimming World class leader Libby Taylor

Slimmers are losing pounds but gaining lots of friends in the community through their charity work.

Members of a Slimming World class that meets in Larbert are donating the 5p change from their weekly admission fee to a child bereavement service run by Strathcarron Hospice.

They are also busy knitting tiny hats for the babies in the neo-natal unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Class leader Libby Taylor said: “I’m so proud of all their efforts. Knitting is a good hobby for them – I tell them it’s a case of ‘knit one, purl one, don’t eat one’. If they are knitting then they are less likely to snack.”

Libby (54) joined the class in the North Broomage Club on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m in May 2011 and since then has lost five and a half stone.

She added: “I weighed 16 stones and, when I was told by a doctor that I had to undergo surgery, was petrified about going under the anaesthetic while I was so overweight.

“I’ve dieted before but very quickly I realised that Slimming World suited me as I never felt hungry. As a vegetarian it’s often difficult to find a diet that does that.”

Since becoming the class leader, Libby, of Airth, has been encouraging others to lose weight. Her most recent successes are a man who lost over four stones in only 22 weeks, while a female member lost over three stones, slimming down to a size eight.

The grandmother of three said: “It’s a really friendly class and very supportive. They’re all wonderful – their efforts for the hospice and hospital show that.”