Larbert residents: Are parking restrictions too restrictive?

Are parking restrictions in Larbert too restrictive?
Are parking restrictions in Larbert too restrictive?

Neighbours who campaigned for yellow lines to tackle indiscriminate parking on their street are wondering if it was such a good idea after all.

Residents in Broomage Park complained to Falkirk Council about cars being left outside their homes by drivers making the short walk to Larbert Railway Station to catch a train to work.

Double and single yellow lines were put down to discourage the practice. But now there are complaints traffic wardens are being over zealous when it comes to issuing tickets.

It is claimed that earlier this month the ‘Yellow Perils’ slapped a £60 fine on the van owned by the local window cleaner who was working up his ladder only yards away. At another house tradesmen doing some gardening spotted the warden just in time and managed to move two of their vehicles. The third worker was not so lucky though and was booked before he could get away.

One resident said: “The window cleaner tried to explain he was only doing his job and not stopping any householders having access to their drives, but the traffic warden just shrugged and gave him a ticket anyway. It seemed a bit harsh.”

Another householder said: “We actually had a plumber working here that day but luckily, after hearing about what had happened round the corner, had just enough time to put our car in the garage so he could park on our drive.

“It’s true we all signed the petition for the lines because some days there were so many strangers using the street as a car park there was hardly enough room for us to get in and out. But the feeling now is the traffic wardens are being over-zealous and not showing much common sense when it comes to us hiring tradesmen to do work. If word about what’s happening here gets round maybe window cleaners and tradesmen will decide not to provide their services. I’d imagine you would have to clean quite a number of windows to make £60 in the first place.”

Yesterday (Wednesday) a spokeswoman for Central Scotland Police confirmed that so far this month two tickets have been issued for parking offences committed in the area.