Larbert pupils angry at superstore ban

Pupils are unhappy about being banned from Asda during lunchtime
Pupils are unhappy about being banned from Asda during lunchtime

PARENTS, staff and pupils have hit out at a supermarket which bans schoolchildren at lunchtime.

Now shop bosses have agreed to reconsider.

Asda in Stenhousemuir does not allow pupils from Larbert High to shop between noon and 2.30 p.m. on weekdays.

The rule, which has been in place for two years, was created after incidents of shoplifting and complaints that students were clogging up tills.

School captain Jordan Miller thinks Asda is unfair and losing vital business.

Jordan (17) said: “Having a ban placed on all pupils not only results in a huge loss of revenue, as pupils spend over £400,000 a year in the precinct, but also leads pupils to opt towards unhealthier food choices.

“It’s ridiculous, some of the S6 pupils are 18 years old, old enough to get married, buy alcohol and run their own home but not able to go to Asda to pick up lunch. We want to be seen as respected members of the community, not troublesome teenagers.”

George Cherry has two daughters at the school and, after a trip to the dentist, popped in to the store with them to buy them lunch but was told his daughters had to leave.

He said: “This rule is crazy. My girls were with me at the time and the staff made them feel like criminals.”

A group of S6 students is contacting Asda asking them to reconsider their position and suggesting senior pupils, who wear a different tie to the junior school, be allowed into the store.

Rector Jon Reid said: “We were concerned and disappointed that the actions of one or two pupils affects the entire school of around 1800 pupils and more importantly, tars them with the same brush.

“The vast majority of our pupils are a credit to their school and families.”

A spokesperson for Asda said the decision was taken by store management and was supported by the school when it was introduced two years ago but will be reconsidered.