Larbert mum fighting Network Rail over collapsed wall

Julie Connelly stands next to the collapsed wall
Julie Connelly stands next to the collapsed wall

A Larbert mum is fighting with Network Rail over a brick wall that collapsed into her back garden earlier this year.

Julie Connelly bought her house in Muirhall Road in June 2013. The home report listed the brick wall, which covers the stretch of her back garden and creates a border between her home and the railway below, as not critical but in need of repair.

She said: “We could tell from looking at it that the wall needed fixed. It was leaning inwards and didn’t look sturdy.

“We believed that the debris and trees from the other side put pressure on the wall, pushing it over so we think Network Rail have some obligation to help.”

Julie contacted the rail company and soon two men were in her back garden assessing the situation.

Network Rail placed blue mesh fencing 8ft from the wall. However on January 15, it finally came down.

Julie said: “My daughters were out in the garden when this happened but luckily they were not near the wall or the blue fence. We knew it was only a matter of time until the wall collapsed.”

Since the incident lawyers have been involved and Julie feels she is not getting anywhere with Network Rail.

She said: “All I want is an answer. It could cost anywhere between £14,000 to £17,000 to fix and I think Network Rail should help with the cost in some way as nothing on our property made the wall collapse.

“Meanwhile my garden isn’t safe. My daughters could climb over the fence and find themselves near the railway.”