Langlees flats '˜blighted' with damp claim tenants

A Falkirk woman who says untreated damp has caused health problems for her and other tenants 'for years' is urging immediate action.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th May 2018, 11:30 am
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 11:50 am

Cheryl Watt’s complaints are endorsed by upstairs neighbours from her ground floor flat in Lomond Drive, Langlees, but the council insists it has taken appropriate action.

Ms Watt (25), a customer services manager, says she is preparing to leave the flat to fulfil her dream of buying her own home, but “doesn’t want a young family to move into a place in this sort of condition”.

Neighbours Lesley Tavendale and James Watt, who live upstairs with children Zoey (9), Kayla (7) and Gaby (16 months), say they’ve suffered the same problems over at least four years.

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Ms Tavendale says the children “frequently” suffer infections because of the unhealthy atmosphere.

The flat smells strongly of damp, and the walls, and much of the bathroom, are badly stained.

A room in Cheryl Watt’s home has what appears to be black mould.

She said: “I have been here eight years, and in all that time I’ve just been fobbed off with useless advice.

“I’ve been told to keep windows open 24/7 - I’ve been freezing all winter and have spent a fortune on gas”.

She added: “I’ve spent at least £2,000 on furniture ruined by the damp.

“I am asthmatic, it is aggravated by damp, and the idea that this is all due to condensation is nonsense - we’re all being treated with contempt.

“They say they are going to coat the mould with anti-fungal paint - but why on earth has it taken so long?”

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “Independent specialist contractors visited the property in 2014 and found that the problems were caused by condensation and not dampness. No further allegations of dampness had been received, until this month.

“An inspection by our technical staff identified again that the reported problem is caused by condensation.

“There was no evidence of rising or penetrating dampness. We will support our tenant and install a vent to air the room and apply anti-fungal solution to the affected wall to help alleviate the condensation issues.”