Landfill works to bury the past

West Carron Landfill
West Carron Landfill

A local landfill site with a long history of problems is finally digging itself out of the hole its former operators left it in.

Central Demolition (Recycling) took over the running of the site from Oran Environmental Solutions three years ago and members of Falkirk Council’s planning committee heard things were going well.

Planning convener Billy Buchanan said: “We haven’t had many reports on this site since this applicant has taken over. We just want to know how this organisation is coping with this situation, which was a total disaster a while back.”

Officers told Baillie Buchanan the site had been upgraded and had improved its performance to such an extent the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) had only received six complaints regarding the premises since the start of the year.

Previously, residents living nearby had complained about the smell from the dump and the noise of vehicles depositing waste at the site.

Councillor Steven Carleschi said: “The previous operator was an abomination – the way they ran the site was shocking. We needed SEPA to step up to the plate to deal with this back then and they didn’t.

“Things have really improved since this operator has taken over.”

Despite the improvement there are still concerns over the site’s landfill levels and the council had been considering serving an enforcement notice in order to get the levels back down to legal requirements.

However, Central Demolition is in the process of submitting a major planning application to re-profile landfill levels for West Carron and the planning committee members decided no enforcement action would be pursued at this time.

The committee also requested a report be brought back to them on the progress of the firm’s pre-application consultation.