Lampard O’Hara

Pet of the Week Lampard the Bulldog
Pet of the Week Lampard the Bulldog

Lampard the 10-month-old bulldog burst into the lives of Brian O’Hara and his family in February this year and now the lovable layabout is taking over the house.

Bulldogs are Brian’s favourite breed and, after researching breeders, he travelled all the way to Lesmahagow to secure a wee pup.

He said: “My daughter and I are Chelsea fans and called him Lampard after old Frank. Our Bulldog is fat and slow and will not run anywhere either.”

Lampard is the first dog the family has ever had and they cannot imagine life without him and his slightly eccentric behaviour.

“He’s scared of everything and doesn’t like change,” said Brian. “He doesn’t like walking much. He’s better now, but when he was smaller we used to have to take carry him to the park before he would even start walking.

“He eats a lot and we think he may have OCD.”

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