Kobi makes it home after railway terror

Kobi and happy owner
Kobi and happy owner
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A PRIZED pet has finally been reunited with its owner after two weeks on the run.

Kobi, a four-year-old whippet/Bedlington terrier cross, was found wandering along a railway line after apparently being hit by a train.

He lost a leg in his ordeal but owner Anne Kidd is just delighted he’s back by her side.

Speaking from her home in Kelvin Street, Grangemouth, the 55-year-old paid tribute to all those who helped find her dog.

“This has certainly renewed my faith in human nature,’’ she said.

“We think he was walking along the railway tracks trying to find his way home, but then got hit by a train.

“I cannot believe how lucky I am. I feel blessed to have him back and just can’t stop grinning.”

The happy owner this week thanked staff members at Polmont Railway Station, including Colin Bicknell, who brought Kobi back to the station waiting room and cared for him after he was discovered lying near the station.

Eagle-eyed train driver Davie Lewis spotted Kobi just before 2.30 p.m. on Friday, July 8, and, with help from conductor Carol Ann Livingston, was able to help the injured animal.

Lyn Oliver, Scotrail operations communications manager, was also on the train and took over caring for Kobi so Davie and Carol Ann could get passengers to their destinations.

Lyn said: “I wrapped Kobi in my coat and he looked warm and content then.

‘‘It was a real team effort and we’re all glad Kobi is all right.”

Anne also praised Robert Wallace and Emily Chappell at Ashbank Veterinary Practice in Laurieston who operated on Kobi’s damaged leg and eye over the weekend and nursed him back to health.

Robert said: “Normally a dog wouldn’t survive being hit by a train – I haven’t seen any, apart from Kobi, who have lived through something like that.

“He was cold and unconscious when we got to him and his back leg was flapping in the wind. The shin bone was sticking through his skin.

“His eye was full of blood and he had lots of other cuts and burns. We stablised him and operated on Friday night then nursed him over the weekend.”

Anne said: “My man was worried about the vet’s bill and said we’d be all right if we won the lottery – but I feel like I’ve won the lottery having Kobi back.”

Kobi went missing after he chased a rabbit while walking in the Middlefield area of Falkirk.

Anne said: “I got him from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home and had him for four weeks before he ran off. He saw the rabbit and was gone.’’

She gave chase but lost sight of him in Bankside and was forced to give up the search at that point.

However, for the next 13 days and nights she mounted a massive search operation, pounding the streets herself until the early hours of the morning, producing and distributing 200 posters, and placing notices on the web through Facebook and Gumtree.