Kitty craves a loving family home

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Kitty is a mature cat who has been the proverbial “nobody’s child - just like a flower, growing wild” for her whole adult life.

Could that change?

She’s survived thanks only to the kind people who have provided her with food and outdoor shelter.

When some thoughtful soul asked Cat Protection to take her into their care her fur was matted and she needed dental work.

Yet despite her life in the urban wild she’s “not feral, just timid”, say the caring folk at Cat Protection,

She has been with her fosterer for a few months now, and loves to spend her days snoozing before exploring the house, sitting close to her human friend and looking for head rubs and ear scratches.

Sudden movements or unexpected meetings see her padding back to the safety of her bedroom, but she’s getting braver as time goes on.

Due to her long time on the streets she will need to be kept inside for a decent length of time in any new home.

Kitty needs an experienced cat lover who is happy to be patient - and to accept she may never be the most interactive pet, although she definitely has a gentle nature.

A permanent loving family home would give her both the comfort and regular vet checkups that any cat deserves - and of course the care and attention that makes life worthwhile.

If you would like to offer Kitty a new life, use the “Contact us” form on website or contact Cat Protection on 01506 298107. A home visit can easily be arranged.