Kinnaird kids’ effort turns pokes into park benches

Kinnaird Primary’s Eco Team have been putting the magic of science to good use, in a recycling scheme which turns old crisp pokes into plastic pellets - which can then be used to make everything from cool bags to plant pots and even park benches.

Run by teachers Louise Taylor and Karen Nichol, the team organised a collection of crisp packets in school - then, through recycling company TerraCycle, learned how these can be shredded and put to good use.

This firm is adept at finding ways to recycle even the most unlikely material, while crisps firm Walkers says it’s committed to reducing the impact their packaging has on the environment. It aims to make it easier for customers to recycle crisp packets.

Their partnership with Terracycle creates a simple and effective solution.

Karen Nichol said: “Everyone has been very enthusiastic and pupils are keen to support recycling. We understand the responsibility we have to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment, and we’re on it!”