Kinnaird kids are on the final countdown to holidays

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Children at Larbert’s Kinnaird Primary School are counting their way (and the days) to the summer break - thanks to a donation from CALA Homes (West).

The firm has provided a Maths on the Move kit which includes outdoor timer, sponge dice, numbered bean bags and target mat to help PE lessons become more educational.

The new maths sports equipment will also be used in the forthcoming school year.

Kinnaird head teacher Linda McAlpine said: “We are thrilled with CALA’s generous donation.

“It will be put to great use thanks to the lovely weather we have been having.

“Not only is it a great way to get the kids moving but it will also help them with their maths lessons.

“It’s extremely important to encourage children to get into sport and having new equipment and resources certainly helps motivate them to get involved.”

Pictured with the pupils are Cala’s Kinnaird Oaks site manager Billy McCallum and sales adviser Donna Morgan.