Kincardine’s big day worth the wait

Residents had to wait a week longer than last year for the fun of Kincardine Gala Day to begin but everyone agreed it was well worth it.

Normally held on the same weekend as Grangemouth Children’s Day, the gala took place last Saturday and was rewarded with some good weather and a great turnout to see the colourful parade wind its way from The Shore Green for the crowning of Queen Taylor Fawcett in Burnside Park.

The crowning of Kincardine Gala Queen Taylor Fawcett

The crowning of Kincardine Gala Queen Taylor Fawcett

The celebrations actually began a week earlier with a gala dance in the masonic hall, followed by a pet show, gala races and quiz night on Sunday and various 
sporting events throughout the week.

Craig “Rusty” Russell, secretary of the gala day committee, said: “The parade was bigger than usual, with more and more groups looking to be part of the community event. Numbers attending were good, the park was full and we had fairground rides this year for people to enjoy.

“The crowning ceremony itself was great, the queen had a good day - she was all smiles.”

The weather, always a major factor in the enjoyment of outdoor events, stayed dry and warm with only a few outbreaks of rain after the crowning ceremony took place.

Craig said: “A lot of people put a lot of effort into making this work and, although we’re still getting feedback, it looks as if moving the date of the event 
back to the end of the term worked out quite well.”