Key advice from SGN during Falkirk gas cut emergency

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SGN workers have already visited 1,000 Falkirk homes today, and will keep going until 11pm tonight.

Thousands are struggling to cope without gas supplies following the mains problem which hit more than 8,000 Falkirk homes today, and it will be days before everything is back to normal.

A spokesperson said: “We need access to your property to turn off your gas supply if your meter is inside your home, for example under the stairs or in a cupboard.

“If your meter is outside your home – in a white or brown meter box – we won’t need you to give us access to your property.

“Please check the identity of anyone calling at your home, before allowing them access. All our employees and contractors carry a photo ID badge with our name and logo.

“You can call us for free on 0800 048 2438, day or night, to check they genuinely work for us”.

SGN’s Customer Service team will be at Camelon Community Centre on Abercrombie Street until 10pm this evening.

Electric hot plates and heaters are available for residents with young children, a disability, a long-term mental or physical condition, are who are either a bit older or live with someone who is.

The spokesperson added: “We’re being supported by Falkirk Council and other resilience partners this evening, who will be helping us deliver electric heating and cooking appliances to those members of the community.

“We’re really sorry for the disruption it’s causing you being without your gas supply and we appreciate all your support”.

SGN’s next update will be at 8am tomorrow.