Join explorers on their famous trips with the Herald’s latest Disney encyclopedia

Children from Little Stars Nursery enjoy our latest encyclopedia
Children from Little Stars Nursery enjoy our latest encyclopedia

The sunshine may not yet quite be with us, but the youngsters at Little Stars Nursery in Falkirk are still excited about the adventures that this summer will bring.

The little ones teamed up with The Falkirk Herald this week to help us celebrate the next volume of our Disney encyclopedia.

‘Great Travellers and Explorers’ is the sixth instalment in the fascinating ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge’ series and looks at the lives and times of great explorers who travelled far and wide whatever the weather.

This volume explores early conquests and gives the whole family an insight into famous voyages of the past and discoveries that were made.

There’s information about the Aborigines and how people used to travel before modern day technology.

Readers of this edition can also find out exactly how early travellers used to navigate and the impact of Greek explorers.

Youngsters can join Disney favourites like Mickey, Minnie and Goofy as they uncover the secrets behind classic tales involving seafearers and the Merchant of Venice.

There’s a tasty treat in store with facts and information about the early search for spices.

And no book on great travellers and explorers would be complete without an insight into two of the greats in the field – Christopher Columbus and David Livingstone.

To purchase ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge – Great Travellers and Explorers’ for just £2.99, cut out the coupon above and take it to a participating newsagent.

You can also buy any volumes you have missed by e-mailing or calling 0800 328 4252.