Jack and Emily most popular baby names in 2015

Jack was the most popular boys name for the eighth year running
Jack was the most popular boys name for the eighth year running

Jack and Emily were the most popular baby names in 2015, according to the National Records of Scotland.

Still top of the bill with new parents was Jack, being the most popular name for boys for an eighth consecutive year.

Emily was the most popular girls’ name for the second consecutive year.

Also in the top ten for boys were Lewis, Alexander, Charlie, Logan, Lucas and Harris, with Jacob, Finlay and Daniel in joint tenth place.

The fastest climbing names in the boys’ top 20 were Jacob, Alexander and Finlay.

There was no change in the top four girls names as Sophie was still the second top most popular choice, Olivia third and Isla fourth.

Leo climbed 11 places in the boys’ list to 13th, Brodie moved up 12 to 31st, and Harrison (another nod to Star Wars) was up 13 to 35th.

In the girls, Georgia climbed 12 places to 27th and Rosie was up 15 to 35th.

The top three names in the Falkirk Council area for girls and boys in 2015 mirrored the national trend. In top spots were Jack and Emily, with Aaron and Isla in second place and Alexander and Jessica in third.

Jack has moved up one place and Aaron two from last year with Alexander coming into the top ten this year. Emily and Isla have stayed the same position and Jessica has moved up one place.

The range of names recorded for girls this year was larger across Scotland.

But the top ten names for both show greater change in the naming of boys.

This year, the number of unique names chosen by parents was “well above” the levels of ten, 20 or even 40 years ago.

It was noticeable, for example, in the 2015 list that the influence of Christianity on christian names seems to have diminished.

When it came to names derived from the Good Book, Noah had slipped from its high water mark of seventh most popular last year to a more lowly 14th in the top 20 most common Scottish names.

Similarly, Daniel had fallen four places to 10th most popular Christian name.

Aaron and Adam were locked together at 18th equal – a fall of one and two places respectively.

Top of the Old Testament inspired chart was Jacob, a name which ascended nine places to 10th equal.

When it came to the New Testament, James was popular, but fell one place to third.

And John also witnessed a steady decline. From a high of second in 1974, the moniker fell to 59th most popular this year.

Bucking the trend, and with 2015 being the year of the newest Star Wars film release, 134 children were given the name Luke.

TV shows and films such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Brave have been suggested as theories for the rise and decline in popularity of certain names, with many new mums and dads choosing to name their child after a beloved character.

National Records of Scotland registered 25,970 boys and 24,490 girls in the period up to November 26, 2015, with parents choosing 3149 different first forenames for boys and 4214 for girls.

A full list of babies’ first names for 2015 can be found at www.nrscotland.gov.uk.