It's mayhem on Falkirk's motorways

MOTORWAY mayhem caused a major headache as the return to work after the festive break began.

Drivers on roads throughout Central Scotland were hit by accidents

and delays yesterday (Wednesday) when treacherous black ice turned surfaces into giant skating rinks.

It was the latest in a series of winter headaches that have caused problems for residents and motorists.

After weeks of 'whiteout' when people struggled through the snow to get to work, shops and schools, the recent thaw has brought more issues with burst pipes causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and closing

facilities across the district.

Many householders have also had to put up with the inconvenience of frozen pipes as water authority workers battle to dig up the frozen ground in a bid to restore urgently needed supplies.

And the bad news is that there's more adverse weather to come after the Met Office issued a warning of overnight low temperatures for the Falkirk area causing more icy conditions on the roads.

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