It’s good to talk say Falkirk diamond couple

John and Johan Carlyle say talking instead of arguing has helped them stay together for 60 years
John and Johan Carlyle say talking instead of arguing has helped them stay together for 60 years

A Falkirk couple who celebrated their diamond wedding this week say just talking things through has helped them remain happy over the years.

John and Johan Carlyle, who live in Breton Court, were married 60 years ago yesterday and have gone through their time together with few cross words to each other.

However, like every couple they have faced their ups and downs and did remember one time when they found themselves in disagreement.

John (85) said: “One time when we were on holiday with another couple we had a bit of an argument. Because we never argued our friends were a bit shocked and joked, ‘See, they do argue!’.

“I never argue though because I’d never get the last word.”

Johan said: “We have always talked things through and never had much rows. Sixty years is a long time but it doesn’t seem like that. We’ve had a lot of good times together.”

The couple were married at Craigmailen Church in Bo’ness on June 3, 1955. Johan’s bridesmaid was her sister Rachel and John’s best man was Rachel’s husband John Ross.

The reception was held in the old Mathiesons dance hall in Falkirk’s High Street before the couple headed to Aberdeen for their honeymoon - but only after a friend stepped in to drive them after a train strike.

John and Johan remember their big day fondly although John said it nearly cost him a lot more.

He said: “At the end of the night I was carried out of the Mathiesons hall and my wallet fell out of pocket. Luckily I spotted it, but had to wait until I was down on the ground again to go back and get it.”

John and Johan have one son, Garry (47) and three grandsons Dylan (11), Ryan (8) and Harry (5).

They have lived all over the UK due to John’s career as a professional hockey player.

He played for the Falkirk Lions in 1956 before moving to London to join Haringey Racers. From there he moved to Edinburgh, Nottingham Oanthers, Brighton Tigers, Edinburgh again then back to Brighton where he coached the team. He was the only British captain of the All-Canadian Haringey side.