It’s getting past a joke

Dave McIntosh.
Dave McIntosh.

A few throwaway remarks were enough to get Falkirk FC’s popular stadium announcer suspended from his job after Rangers fans failed to get the joke.

Dave McIntosh called Rangers “The Sevco Franchise” when reading out the half-time and full-time scores from elsewhere in the country during the Bairns home match against Raith Rovers on Saturday.

Although the references to the Glasgow giants widely-reported financial problems were meant to be tongue in cheek, they prompted hundreds of angry Rangers fans to email messages of complaint to Falkirk and the Scottish Football League after the incident was flagged up on an internet message board.

McIntosh was suspended from his voluntary position on Monday pending a club investigation, with Falkirk offering an apology to both Rangers and its supporters.

However, The Falkirk Herald understands that McIntosh WILL pick up his microphone again next month.

Falkirk chairman Martin Ritchie said: “I’m afraid what is harmless banter to some is not acceptable to others. We had to move swiftly and take appropriate action.

“As a member of the SFA we must abide by the rules. What was said could land us with a hefty fine. Secondly, our primary duty at matches is safety. We cannot antagonise a potentially volatile opposing support.”