It’s chicken tonight in Falkirk for Councillor McLuckie!

Finger-lickin’ families flocked to the opening of Falkirk’s brand new Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and drive through last week.

Councillor John McLuckie was kind enough to declare the KFC open at a special ceremony and tasting session for staff, family and friends on Thursday night.

Councillor John McLuckie joins the KFC to open the new restaurant

Councillor John McLuckie joins the KFC to open the new restaurant

A long-time fan of KFC, Councillor McLuckie was happy a branch of the world famous chicken restaurant chain finally opened locally, especially in the town centre’s east end.

He said: “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I know other people have to. I serve on the planning committee and people have been asking me when is KFC coming to Falkirk? Well now it’s here.

“In the past people have had to go to Stirling or Cumbernauld for their KFC or make do with the chicken from superstores, which just doesn’t have the same taste. Now we’ve got the real deal and it’s a great story for the east end of town as well, which has been needing something like this.

“It’s a great building that catches the eye in a prime location and will attract people from all over. It also brings 50 new jobs to the area.”

One of those new employees is manager Claire Innes from Falkirk.

She said: “I know how long the people of Falkirk have been waiting for a KFC to open here, with the Facebook campaign making it clear.”

The Facebook page, created back in 2011, gained over 2200 likes and made it clear to KFC representatives the demand was there.

Planning permission for the premises was granted by Falkirk Council’s planning committee, which Councillor McLuckie is a member of, in January last year.

At that meeting Councillor McLuckie stated: “I have to go to Cumbernauld for my big bucket, but this is an ideal site and a great opportunity for Falkirk. That finger lickin’ chicken looks good to me.”

A fun day takes place at KFC on Saturday with a number of activities at the premises and guest appearances from Falkirk’s firemen.