It’s 1,500 happy returns for Braes Blether

Fiona Hague  and Lindsey Porter, originators of Braes Blether.
Fiona Hague and Lindsey Porter, originators of Braes Blether.

Two self-employed mums who set up a community Facebook group called Braes Blether a year ago are this week toasting their first birthday - with nearly 1,500 members.

Their aim was to create a group that would unite the community, share local news and

help promote and support local based businesses.

Regular posts include topics such as “Support your local small business day”, where firms are encouraged to share their services products, and

“Free for All Friday” whicn encourages people to buy, sell, exchange and give away all sorts of items.

Fiona said: “As a local business myself, it’s great to use my FB marketing business skills to help create this hub of community connection”.

Lindsey said: “More frequently we are hearing stories of local businesses making new connections and increasing trade through the FB group page, as well news spreading about community events supporting residents and organisers alike”.

Local councillor for Upper Braes, James Kerr comments, “Being born and bred in the Braes, the Braes Blether FB page is, and has been a way of getting a broader views in the Braes community.

“It’s just normal people talking about our communities, people who care enough to talk about it.

“It’s also very useful for local businesses - whether you are small, medium or large. If it helps the communities in the Braes, it can’t be bad”.

Local woman Alison Harkness said: “I was introduced to Braes Blether last April by Lindsey Porter and Fiona Hague, who I met through Scottish Business Mums.

“The creation of Braes Blether was a brilliant way to bring the community together.

“Locals can share events, job vacancies, opinions, reviews, news, business offers and much more.

“The community spirit within the group has a positive vibe and the page has also been a great platform for networking and advertising my new business venture.

“Happy first anniversary Braes Blether!”