Isobel is charity’s special lady

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Grangemouth gran Isobel Anderson won’t have to bother struggling to paint her garden fence any more - thanks to a heartfelt gesture of thanks.

Staff from Barnardo’s Scotland became volunteers themselves last week to thank Isobel for her 26 years of service supporting children, young people and families.

As a committed volunteer she has never wanted or expected any acknowledgement that she is doing anything special.

But for Volunteer Week last week Barnardo’s staff thought it was about time to show their genuine appreciation for her selfless efforts.

Frances Anderson, volunteer manager for Barnardo’s Scotland’s children’s services in Forth Valley, said: “Isobel is such a kind and dedicated member of the team that we wanted to do something genuinely helpful for her to show our immense thanks.

“Isobel and her husband Andrew are keen gardeners but one task that they were struggling to get done was paint the fence - so we got a team together to muck in and get it done for them!”

Isobel and Andy - a couple whose support for Barnardos is reckoned invaluable.

Isobel and Andy - a couple whose support for Barnardos is reckoned invaluable.

The pair chose to devote their time to helping the community following their retirements in 1992.

Isobel said: “We’ve been fortunate to have good lives so we felt an urge to give back and do our small bit for those less fortunate.”

She started as a volunteer by running a crèche to allow parents to attend appointments and group sessions with Barnardo’s Scotland workers, while Andy drove the mini-bus.

Due to Isobel’s commitment and dedication, she now supports the delivery of group sessions on issues such as trauma and loss, and befriends young people on a regular basis.

She said: “I have loved every minute of it .

“It is rewarding work and extremely motivating to know that you are contributing to the vital support the charity provides to some very vulnerable children.

“I would recommend it to anybody.”

Frances Anderson said: “Isobel is one of a kind and brings so much passion and kindness to her volunteering role – we are so grateful for her continued support over all of these years.”.

She added:“We never take for granted the amazing contribution our volunteers make as we genuinely could not reach and support the number of children and young people we do without them.”