Influx of Helix visitors brings its issues

Grassed areas are struggling to grow after cars were parked on the verges
Grassed areas are struggling to grow after cars were parked on the verges

Thousands of visitors have flocked to The Helix Park since it opened but the huge numbers have brought a few ‘teething’ problems.

Parking, catering and toilets have all been issues which Falkirk Community Trust said they are working hard to address.

The playpark which opened earlier this month, along with The Kelpies, is proving to be a huge draw with people from across the district and further afield. However, it has led to problems when the Helix car parks are full.

Vehicles were being abandoned on the grass verges which had only recently been planted. Last weekend, staff were out ensuring that people used the correct spaces or directed them to the car park at Falkirk Stadium which is free to use outwith match days.

Long queues for the catering kiosks occurred as people tried to cool down with ice-creams and drinks.

A trust spokesperson said the Helix and Kelpies had been “an outstanding success” for Falkirk, attracting worldwide attention.

They said: “That success and the fact that we took the conscious decision to open up the facilities to the public as soon as we could, will have contributed to some initial problems with the level of parking, catering and toilet facilities on site. However, we are working hard to resolve the issues and happy to have the challenge of improving on what is already a highly successful development.

“The park is evolving day by day and improvements are being made on a regular basis, with more on the horizon including the dedicated Kelpies visitor centre. “Catering stock levels are being increased, we are also looking closely at improving the toilet facilities as well as the parking provision.

“It is going to be a very busy summer and we are asking people to work with us to ensure that everybody who visits Helix Park and The Kelpies does so in as safe an environment as possible.”