Indian summer outings

By this time of year we often see the nights drawing in, the days getting colder and some night frosts. However this year we seem to be enjoying a spell of late summer weather and being enjoyed by the BB young and old(er).

2nd Larbert (Old Church) had its Anchor Boys out in the adjacent hospital grounds searching for leaves and bugs along with a Forestry Commission Ranger whilst the Junior Section boys within the same grounds went on a bike ride and unlike last year, all managed to stay on! 31 Company Section boys enjoyed a late stay away at the Dalguise Centre in Perthshire, also enjoying good weather which enabled activities such as archery, rifle shooting, fencing and open canoeing, the latter of which seems to be combative in trying to capsize anyone in your way, especially the skipper.

Anyone left dry at the finish was inevitably ‘dooked’. Much higher up, those with a head for heights took on abseiling, the giant swing, the zip wire and the trapeze.

Members of the Stedfast Association (former members and friends ) who on September 18 met at the Kelpies. There, led by ‘Kitt’, the official guide, who must have an ‘Equity Card’, judging by his performances of quotation, poetry and tale. He variously regaled the party of the traditions, history, geography, design and construction involved with the area and the Kelpies themselves; even that these mythical Scottish Creatures of water consumed all who came in contact; going on to lead the party inside one of the very ‘beasts’! Yes a great afternoon seeing and understanding how an artist’s vision is realised in computer designed steel to such magnificent effect. As always afternoon tea was taken, this time at the nearby Falkirk Stadium.

‘Stedfast’ are looking for new members to join them in their monthly meetings and outings. Find out more by phoning 553413.