IN PICTURES: Shieldhill kids turn rubbish into cold, hard cash

Children from Shieldhill primary showed how enterprising they can be by turning unwanted items into cold, hard cash.

Pupils were busy collecting and ‘upcycling’ the likes of plastic bottles, cans, jars, yogurt pots and plastic lids that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Picture: Michael Gillen

Picture: Michael Gillen

They then organised market stalls to sell them at as part of the school’s annual enterprising week raising £440 from rubbish that might have ended up on a landfill site.

P3 teacher Rhona Gardner said: “The children used their imagination to think of ways they could reuse these items and then got creative making beautiful vases, ornaments and pots. With the aid of some parent helpers we set up market stalls and the children were able to buy and sell their products.”

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