Importance of Parkinson’s medication is highlighted at FVRH

Parkinson's Awareness Week
Parkinson's Awareness Week

Volunteers set up shop in Forth Valley Royal Hospital this week to drive home the vital importance of Parkinson’s patients receiving their medication on time.

Members of Parkinson’s UK Falkirk and other groups from the area were doing their bit to promote the ‘In Control’theme for this year’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week, as new research reveals the dangers for people with Parkinson’s disease when they are admitted to hospital.

Jess Bryce, chairperson of Parkinson’s UK Falkirk, said: “We are here all week raising awareness among visitors, but also staff here at the hospital. It’s been great because we have been able to talk to doctors and nurses about this issue.

“Unfortunately people with Parkinson’s who go to hospital still need their medication on time every time and sometimes they don’t get it. It’s not like paracetamol for a headache or something like that, you can’t just say you will get it in a minute.

“Sometimes hospital staff don’t understand the importance of the timing of the medication.”

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system and symptoms can include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking.

A Parkinson’s UK spokesman said: “This campaign seeks to help people with Parkinson’s get back in control of their condition by encouraging the public and health professionals to arm themselves with the basic information about what it is like to live with Parkinson’s.”

The volunteers will be at FVRH today (Thursday) and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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