I moustache you for sponsorship!

Jenny Webster has a full range of moustaches for Movember
Jenny Webster has a full range of moustaches for Movember

Jenny Webster couldn’t grow her own moustache to take part in Movember.

So instead she decided to fundraise by sporting a different false ’tache for every day of the month.

Jenny, from Carronshore, is now halfway through her challenge and is getting used to the stares, comments and jokes being made at her expense.

The 23-year-old, who works at the ScottishPower contact centre in Camelon, said: “Last year a few of my colleagues took part in Movember and raised a lot of money so I wanted to get involved too.

“I came up with the idea of wearing fake moustaches. Everyone I spoke to was really supportive and told me to go for it.

‘‘It’s something different so people are more inclined to dig deep and sponsor.”

Movember is a men’s health awareness and fundraising campaign held in November.

Men are asked to grow a moustache, collecting sponsorship from their friends and family and participants often grow facial hair in unusual designs and 

Founded in 2004, the event is now marked all over the world and has raised million of pounds for prostate and testicular cancer charities.

Jenny, a leader with 1st Carronshore Guides, has been wearing a mouser all day, every day since November 1 and so far has tried handlebar, Frenchman, weightlifter and elderly gent-style moustaches for work, shopping, and trips to the cinema.

“The reactions I’ve been getting has been great, especially from kids,” said Jenny, who has also completed various runs, a bungee jump and abseiled from The Falkirk Wheel for good causes.

“I’ve explained to everyone who asks why I’m doing it but most people just stare or giggle – it’s not every day you see a woman walking about the supermarket with a full 
Hulk Hogan handlebar moustache!

“People at work are getting used to it now and every day are keen to see what kind of moustache I’m wearing.

“Luckily, I work in a contact centre so the public can’t see me.

‘‘I don’t know how seriously I’d be taken if they knew the person on the other end of the phone was wearing a black twirled moustache.

“It’s my birthday later this month so I’ll be taking my ’tache on a night out, I just need to carefully coordinate my outfit to my lip fuzz!”

Jenny has raised over £200 for the Movember appeal so far. To sponsor her www.mosista.co/jennywebster88