How to get rid of that unwanted living room tree

The great post-festive Christmas tree cull is underway in Falkirk, and the council has given advice on how best to get rid of that now redundant festive fixture.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 5th January 2020, 12:30 pm

However Falkirk Council hasn’t followed the example of next door authority West Lothian, which is reminding its residents to take off the fairy lights, tinsel and baubles before consigning the actual tree to the scrap heap.

That authority also advises: “The lid of the bin needs to close too, so if your tree is too big, you’ll need to chop it up to fit”.

In Falkirk Council area the first bulky uplifts of the new year start on Monday, and real trees can either be taken to a local recycling centre or requested as part of a bulky uplift.

Trees can also be put in a brown bin (as in West Lothian), and a collection can be requested.

Unwanted synthetic trees can obviously be reused, so could go to a charity shop - or, along with any unwanted decorations, taken to the recycling centre.