Hospital “milked” patient for money

The Ahu Hetman Hospital which has demanded a �22,000 bill
The Ahu Hetman Hospital which has demanded a �22,000 bill

A private hospital in Turkey has been slammed for allegedly delaying the release of a patient to run up a staggering bill of £22,000.

Last month Robert Hamilton (80), of Grangemouth, jetted off to Marmaris in Turkey for a dream holiday with his family. However, it turned into a nightmare after he broke his ribs and punctured a lung in a bad fall in a shower, resulting in him being taken to the Ahu Hetman hospital.

To their horror Robert’s family realised their holiday insurance only covered treatment at state hospitals.

East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty has been working with Robert’s family in an effort to help get him back home.

Mr Connarty said: “It’s been a bit like organising a jailbreak, trying to get Robert out of that place. I got the Foreign Office to contact the hospital.

“Robert was in the intensive care unit for nine days. They kept him in there even though he wasn’t in any danger so I can only assume it was about the money. I think the hospital has been milking it.

“I found out the medication alone cost £4000 and was told the final bill stood at £22,000. There is no doubt in my mind the hospital has kept him there to make money.”

Mr Connarty added Robert’s son Bobby (47) has now taken him to a state hospital and refused to sign any financial papers at the private hospital.

“The main thing is to get Robert home first and then sort out the finances. If anything, it highlights the need for people to check over their insurance policy and make sure they know what they’re covered for,” said Mr Connarty.

Speaking on Tuesday, Robert’s son-in-law Garry Laidlaw (50) said: “Robert’s still in hospital, but he’s feeling a lot better and is off all drips. Now it’s just a waiting game until the doctors give him the okay to fly home.”

The Falkirk Herald was still awaiting a response from the Ahu Hetman hospital as the newspaper went to press.