Hopes high that Beancross pupils will get free transport

The campaign has been going on for years
The campaign has been going on for years

Beancross Primary pupils now have renewed hope of getting free transport to their school.

There’s been a long-running campaign to allow youngsters travelling from Grangemouth Old Town to be given the benefit because of concerns over the safety of the route they have to walk.

Falkirk Council policy stipulates that children who live between one and two miles from their local primary school will only receive free transport until they reach the age of eight.

However, with a new ASDA distribution centre to being built on the former ICI recreational grounds, MSP Angus asked new director of education Andrew Sutherland, who agreed to look again at the issue.

And, after walking the route, he has agreed to revisit the decision with free transport being reinstated on a temporary basis to beinn with.

Mr MacDonald, who is relinquishing his councillor’s role at next month’s election, said: “I am delighted that the education department has finally seen sense and will provide free transport provision for pupils from the start of the school session in August, albeit on a temporary basis to start with.

‘‘I am pleased the director and his staff have listened to the concerns raised, however we must keep up the pressure to ensure that the temporary provision of free school transport is extended to permanent provision.”