Homeowner in Larbert gets £11,000 utility bill

EDF energy bill
EDF energy bill

New homeowner Ruth Smyth got a shock when she opened her utilities bill to see she was to pay over £11,000 each month.

Ruth, who just moved to Larbert, received a bill from EDF Energy asking her to pay £8448 for gas and £3270 for electricity every month.

The Direct Debit payments would total over £140,000 per year.

Ruth said: “I got quite a fright when I opened the bill.

“It must be the most expensive utilities monthly bill anyone has ever received.

“I called EDF who told me they had realised their mistake and my bill was actually £133 each month”

A spokesperson from EDF Energy said: “We sincerely apologise to Mrs Smyth for any confusion that this matter has caused her.

“When she registered as a new customer with us, a Direct Debit was set up for the incorrect amounts and a contract was sent in the post confirming this. Within 24 hours, our systems picked up the error and we adjusted the Direct Debit to the correct amounts.

“We’d like to thank Mrs Smyth for her understanding and reassure we are investigating the cause of the error.”